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Wings the dreams! Flight unblocked reaches the sky and asks the stars above for righteous directions toward every wish fulfillment, dear friends! Y3 Games are the site that makes your desire for a fanciful, interesting and fun of all come true. Tonight, a little girl desperately hopes her mother back home for the season holiday. Fly the paper plane and attach the supporting of the crane, as well as the wind, the leaves to send her wish in time. The distance to London where her mother is now reaches 1000 meters while you might be able to travel for only a couple of numbers. Therefore, flight unblocked foretells a long venture. Still, remain your morale. The reward well deserves the endeavor. Nothing could be better than the mother and daughter reunion. Collect the bonuses. No blood, no horrific scene, no violence. This flight unblocked games should be a healthy and meaningful play. Join in! Wish you much hilarity!