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Ice Cream Maker
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About Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream Maker is a colorful simulation cooking game. In addition, it’s playable with more than 60 recipes and a large number of toppings along with sprinkles.

Mix and match as an Ice Cream Maker with every ingredient you get

Together with the presence of recipes or toppings, you will be able to combine those available things in the new HTML5 game to craft the ice cream flavor that you like. In addition to that, you shouldn’t skip decorating the ice cream to make your product look better.

Become the top Ice Cream Maker in the town with simple rules

In the beginning, you will get plenty of brief instructions. And, you should follow those hints if you want to complete the ice cream. In addition, you can experience the art of making ice creams when you share creations of your own.

So, you’re joining the Ice Cream Maker for kids game, a cool playfield for everyone, from children to parents. Can you mix and match all of the flavors with textures in your game in the most exciting ways?

How To Play Ice Cream Maker

Interact with the recipes and other things by clicking the Left Mouse.

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