Raze 2

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Unblocked games expand our greetings to all participants of Raze 2. The game upcoming is a good choice for those buddies seeking fantastic feelings. There exist four secrets. Are you willing to unveil all of them? Take this expedition and disclose the mysteries! Once complete the mission, you might try other extra modes. However, the quest for them appears not to be so easy since players have to pass over numerous rivals who equip armo and seem untouchable. But do not be damned! Choose weapon, equipment, and ability suitable to your combo first, after that, draw good tactics and make strikes upon your opponents. Remember to get rid of their shields for head, crotch, and butt shots prior to your attacks. The ability will automatically be recharged, thus, make full use of it. If you wish to earn quick credits, try flash plays. Complete achievement for more credits. Good luck with raze game.