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To survive in raze game, you need to keep moving and jumping. If you get stuck with a grenade, try running toward the guy who stuck you to kill him too. Remember to get Shield, Health, and powerups as frequently as you can. Watch your enemy. They will attack from close or far range depending on their weapon.

However, raze game online is not just about survival, but about attacking also. You must be professional in using a weapon to attack your enemy. Weapons have pros and cons. Ducking will improve the accuracy your weapons while jumping will reduce the accuracy. The railgun may seem slow at first, but it can shoot through people, and simplify mass killing. Direct hits with Aoe weapon will always be stronger than just their flash ones. Headshots will do more damage with certain weapons. Choose the most suitable weapon in time is the key to becoming winner.

Good luck with raze game for free, my friends!