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Build your Rocket
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About Build your Rocket

Build your Rocket is a space-flying game. It’ll check out your building ability through various levels. With the rocket you have generated, you can fly your way.

It’s easy to Build your Rocket in the new interesting Y3 game you choose!

First of all, to fly to every planet that you want and level up, you should set up a strong rocket. In other words, need to use elements in a smart manner. So, you’d better master how to complete it as soon as possible.

Build your Rocket is a flying game asking you to conquer newer heights in space

Presently, in the new Y3 game that you’re going to join, you will have to learn the way to balance everything you have. And, you will do that, from fuel to power. After that, you can witness the ending or go to the height you hope after launching it into outer space.

Besides, it’s feasible for you to unlock and discover other levels and different planets. Moreover, your score will change in a better way if your vehicle achieves the target height.

Build your Rocket free online is now simple to access. Good luck!

How To Play Build your Rocket

Press Space or Left mouse to go. Release that key to stop moving.

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