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Crazy Smash
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About Crazy Smash

Crazy Smash is a physics ball online game with a casual play style. Actually, everything that you are going to explore will revolve around throwing and destroying.

Unleash a special skill in Crazy Smash, a free 3D game, and obtain a lot of valuable rewards

Now, the main aim of players in the new arcade game, including you, is to break as many towers as possible. So, you should achieve the objective quickly. Next, you’ll generate the strongest and the most effective smashes. Then, you will get coins to buy upgrades.

Can you turn every item in the new Crazy Smash arcade game into rubble fast?

Presently, that wish depends on how you throw your smashes in the 3D Crazy Smash free game. In other words, you’d better aim before you start to toss anything. During gameplay, you are capable of collecting lots of coins. Afterward, you’ll purchase all the newer balls in the shop easily.

Time to play Crazy Smash unblocked full screen and complete your current unique goal in the shortest time! Shall you demolish most enemy towers and win?

How To Play Crazy Smash

Throw the ball and purchase something in the upgrade shop by using Left-click.

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