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King of Mahjong
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About King of Mahjong

King of Mahjong is a html5 puzzle game in a valuable mine. It’s easy to turn into a very rich person if you can gather all of the gemstones appearing in levels.

King of Mahjong is a 2D game with the familiar Mahjong playstyle

Therefore, you need to find out pairs of identical gems first. Aside from that, they must be available. After that, you can match and remove them from the area without difficulty.

Not only that, the result that you receive is pretty special. In fact, you will get many stars instead of scores that you have often collected in other Mahjong games.

King of Mahjong Unblocked is a free game with plenty of boosters

Along with the diverse interface, you can experience other exciting features easily. In addition to that, one of them is boosters. So, they work like power-ups because they appear to deal with hard stages. Hence, you can enjoy every stage at your own speed and progress faster.

Play King of Mahjong online on PC and check out every challenge for everybody as soon as possible!

How To Play King of Mahjong

Left-click on two available gems to get them.

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