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Tile Craft 3D
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About Tile Craft 3D

Tile Craft 3D is a new Y3 game where you work with tiles and colors. Try to go to the right location and use materials to make tiles full of the paint that you need!

Tile Craft 3D is a cool 3D game where you control a stickman and finish a strange job

At the start of the current stickman 3d game, you will utilize the mouse button to direct your character around. And, it’s necessary to pick up green square items. Next, head to the area in which you can drop them off.

And, you should continue your work following the tutorial. Then, you will unlock the other stage with another challenge. So, you will receive different pictures after you end your task.

Tile Craft 3D is a unique matching game with boosters

Really, you will have to match numbers with colors to open up the next scene. Aside from that, you can get coins to obtain upgrades for your skills. Additionally, it’s possible to hire workers. So, they will help you achieve success faster.

Tile Craft 3D game with the Upgrade Center promises to give you a lot of fun.

How To Play Tile Craft 3D

Move your left mouse button while keeping it to direct the man.

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